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Coastal Inkjets. Inc. Provides efficient electronic waste recycling services.

Printer Cartridge Recycling

On the spot payment for your empty printer cartridges. Contact us today for a current price list. We pay you on the spot, no store credit or coupons needed for future purchases are required with our services, unlike other office supply stores.

eWaste Recycling

A Certified California state e-waste collector. We pick computers, monitors, laptops, wire & cable, smartphones & tablets. Please, no large items. No copiers, washing machines, large printers, chemicals, paint, light bulbs, alkaline batteries or any large items.

Electronic Waste in Recycling Bin

Schedule a Pickup or Drop-Off

Call our recycling department to either schedule a pick up with 20 or more items of value or come and drop off. We are open:
Mon.-Fri. from 8:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m.

Contact us at (866) 410-9600 to recycle your electronic waste.