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Recycling Waste and Earn Cash at the Same Time.

Recycle Empty Printer Cartridges, Used Cell Phones,Smart Phones, and Tablets.

Empty Printer Cartridges 
 Coastal Inkjets will pay you on the spot for your empty inkjet and toner cartridges. We offer a local pickup service in Southern California. We accept toner and inkjet cartridges from these brands and more: 

Please call so we can either send you a current buy back list or simply give you a quote over the phone or email.


 • Hewlett Packard®
 • Brother®
 • Canon®
 • Sharp®
 • Xerox®
 • Samsung®
 • Minolta®
 • Panasonic®



Cellular Phones/Smartphones/Tablets
  We will buy back your old smartphones or tablets and have them recycled.              Please call or email us for a current price.

Ink Waste, Printer Cartridges in Chatsworth, CA


Contact us at (866) 410-9600 in Chatsworth, California, to recycle your cellular phones and printer cartridges.